Natasha Residences: 263 Adelaide St West

Natasha Residences is a brand new pre-construction luxury condo by Lanterra Developments at 263 Adelaide St West, Toronto. Located conveniently near major downtown Toronto universities and colleges, popular shops, and charming restaurants. Natasha Residences also offers a variety of amenities for residents to enjoy, such as a fitness facility, yoga studio, party room, movie theatre, and more. 

Natasha Condos will feature 420 units, which range from Studio to 3 bedroom layout. Be the first to Get the latest floor plans, price list and exclusive incentives.

Units Now Selling (Sept. 2021)

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Natsha Residences 263 adelaide condos

Natasha Residences Overview (Updated Sept 2021)

DeveloperLanterra Developments
Building TypeCondo
Address 263 Adelaide St W, Toronto, ON M5H 3G2
Occupancy DateDec 2026
Price Range$572,900-1,428,900
Price / sq ft from $1500+
Size Range339 - 1340 sq ft
ArchitectsTeeple Architects

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Natasha Residences Floor Plans and Price List (Sept 2021)

Natasha Residences offers an array of luxury units and elegant floor plans, giving you ease when furnishing your dream home. Prices start at $500’s.

Size Range
Starting From
352 – 425
505 – 570
Floor Plans and Pricing Package

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Features and Location

Natasha Residences Sky Lounge-


natasha condos 263 Adelaide St West


Incentives ( Limited Time Only)





Estimated Taxes

Approx. +/- 1% of Purchase Price

Deposit Structure

$5,000 on signing
Balance to 5% in 30 days
5% in 150 days
5% in 365 days
5% in 2 YEARS
(1% on occupancy)

Maintenance Fees

$0.75 psf. + Hydro & Water





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Lanterra Developments

Lanterra Developments was founded by Mark Mandelbaum and Barry Fenton, two real estate visionaries who began with a dream to develop innovative, one-of-a-kind downtown condominium properties. Over 20 years, we have charted an amazing success story on the Toronto skyline with one iconic condominium after another, scaling new heights in design, style and elegant urban living. Our guiding philosophy goes beyond just condominium building to dynamic urban revitalization and putting Toronto on the global map as the new city of the future, with vibrant master planned mixed use communities, sustainable green living and cutting-edge environmental technologies.

263 Adelaide St W, Toronto, ON M5H 3G2

FAQ - Natasha Residences

We understand that you may have questions regarding Natasha Residences, and we are delighted to answer. In this regard, we have provided answers to most of the frequently asked questions. 

Do I need to have a lawyer to purchase a condo in Natasha Residences?

Initially, when you need to sign the agreement, you wouldn’t need a lawyer. On the other hand, we always advise that you use a qualified lawyer to review the purchase and sale agreement after you sign it. This can be done within your 10-cooling-off days. If you have trouble getting a lawyer, we can be of immense help. 

Do I get a cooling-off period?

Yes, you’ll certainly get a cooling-off period. The cooling-off period is 10 calendar days, not business days. The cooling-off period basically allows you to have a lawyer review your contract with you if you wish and get a mortgage pre-approval letter.


Do I need to have a mortgage pre-approval to buy any condos in Natasha Residences?

More than half of the builders will need you to show them proof of financing ability. However, you don’t need this to sign a contract. But you’re expected to show them within 60 days of signing. 


Do the prices for Natasha Residences units include HST?

Well, this entirely depends on your reason for purchase. 

If you’re purchasing the condo yourself and plan to move in, then yes, the prices include HST. However, you won’t be paying anything at the final closing.

If you’re purchasing the condo as an investment rental property, you will have to pay 7.8% of the purchase price as HST at the final closing. 

This money is going to be remitted to CRA. However, as a rental investor renting out your property, you can immediately apply to the CRA to get this money back. It takes about one month to get your rebate back. Please consult with yout accountant for the most updated regulations.

What are my closing costs on a pre-construction condo in Natasha Residences?

Endeavor to know that closing costs tend to vary across a variety of reasons. One major reason is the actual purchase price of the condo you’re buying, while other reasons are the builder, the type of condo you’re buying, and the city you’re buying in. 

Averagely speaking, you can expect to pay 3 – 5% of the purchase price in closing costs when buying a brand-new condo.

Are there any hidden fees when buying any of the Natasha Residences?

No, buying a Natasha condo comes with no hidden fees or charges. This is because every fee is well spelled out in the agreement of purchase and sale. As said earlier, all buyers have 10-calendar days to review the agreement and advise them on the exact closing cost amounts.

If you need a lawyer to review your agreement, we can refer you to several expert law firms that will review your agreement meticulously. 

Can I assign my condo? How much is the assignment fee?

Most condo builders allow you to sell your unit before the building is complete. This process is referred to as selling by “assignment.” This kind of selling comes with a legal and assignment fee. These fees range from $1000-$5000.

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